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Poker Tips:

Improving Your Poker Skills

As you continue to learn the game of poker, think of it as an apprenticeship. This will help you to keep on track. You now you are learning and will make mistakes, but do learn from them. Don't get a big head, you may be good today but you should be better next week as you practice. Be patient as nobody can learn to master everything overnight and be sure to use the tools available to you.

Your first and most important tool is a notebook or journal to record important things you learn. While you might read about things in books, you always learn better from doing than reading. Write down important facts you discover and painful lessons learned the hard way. Your notebook can be paper or electronic, whatever form you are most comfortable with. You can't be a really serious player if you aren't taking notes!

Don't just think you are beating the game, keep a score sheet. You must diligently record all losses and wins so you know exactly where you stand. Without that evidence, you may only think you are winning in the long run. You can use paper and pencil or you may want to download a program to keep track on your computer. It doesn't matter which you use, but use one. Serious player keep score, pretenders don't.

An important tool is a good library of poker books. There are books for every level of player and on just about any topic you can imagine. Don't think you need to try and learn it all on your own, take advantage of other's experiences and read. Be sure to go back and read again once you have learned more about the game as your viewpoint will be completely different then and you may get more out of it the second time around.

Always remember the final objective of improving your game and take advantage of any tools available to you to reach that goal.